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Roof Sales TrainingYour roof sales training is very important to offering the highest quality products in your market place, our roofing sales training course is a closing system and sales methodology for your roofing contractor business. Installing roof shingles can be a difficult job and should not be attempted by homeowners, and if you don’t know what you are doing. It is very important that you do a quality roof preparation before installing roof shingles otherwise you are risking the integrity of your new roof. A poorly prepared roof decking can quickly a major problem that will can turn into leaking problems, unsightly appearance from humps in the shingles, ect. Obviously the first part of your roof preparation before installing roof shingles is to rip off the hold or damaged shingles that you are replacing. When you start your own roofing business, you really need to learn how to install a new roof, and start you roof sales training early because no roof will be installed until someone sells the roofing package. Learn How To Sell Roofing Jobs Now!

If you are using the same roof sheathing without replacing them you really should check each and every one to make sure none of them need replacing. Make sure they are all securely fastened down to prevent any damage to the lining or to the shingles. You also need to make sure there is no debris left over night on the ground because home owner may get injured, also clear the roof  decking very well because it may damage to your new roof. Make sure no nails or other objects are protruding out of the roof.

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Install the drip edge around the eave ends of the roof. Be sure to use galvanized nails so that they don’t rust in the rain. When adding the drip edge to the top of the roof install in the same way but this must drape over the rest of the drip edge to be effective. If you need to make any joints because the length of drip edge is not long enough to fit down the whole length of the eave then simple overlap the two pieces and miter your corners on the bottom of the roof. You should consider putting down a layer of ice and water shield. Some states require that you use this and have set distances that the shield must be from the wall. It is very good stuff and incredibly adhesive so place it down where you want it to go before removing the backing paper.

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Roofing Sales Training

Once it’s stuck there is no way of removing it. Ice and water shield will ensure you add the highest quality underlayment needed for your roof preparation before installing roof shingles. You may want to use a hammer stapler and install all the tar paper flat. Overlap your felt by a few inches and completely cover one side of the roof. To install a roof vent at this point you should cut a small part of the roof on either side, also make sure to pull the tar paper tight, so you don’t get any wrinkles in the felt, as this will telegraph through the shingles. Install or cover the remaining side of the roof with felt and also cover over the roof vent hole you have created. Roof Sales Training – Learn About Installing A Roofing, and You have now finished the roof preparation before installing roof shingles and are ready to shingle your roof.

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